WoW Open Box (Open Source World of Warcraft Multiboxing)


Open Source World of Warcraft rules compliant multiboxing.

Wow Open Box (Open Source, compliant, Multiboxing)

Welcome to the hub for truly Open Source and Blizzard rules compliant World of Warcraft MultiBoxing/Dual-Boxing!

We started this effort Mid November 2020 and already have dozens of ever improving feature-full releases and many happy users.

Join the conversation through GitHub, make or help prioritize issues, PRs, or on our discord

The first of many functional release was on November 22nd 2020!

Participate and let’s make this the best tool for multiboxing (in addition to being the only Open Source one).

See also a comparison of WowOpenBox and other multiboxing solutions.

See also the help page.

WowOpenBox (WOB) is optimized to be the safest and best solution for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft but can also be use to manage multiple windows of other applications or games).

If your game or application allows Broadcasting, switch over to OMB (OpenMultiboxing).

Main features


WowOpenBox is optimized for Microsoft Windows 10.

Since release 2.2, WOB/OMB is entirely built automatically from source by GitHub actions CI (continuous integration).

Simply download the all in one zip (, not the source zip) from the latest release at: and extract it all to your desktop for instance.

If you want to use the optional Round Robin feature, just launch the OpenMultiBoxing_RR exe and run that to get RR. If you don’t want RR start OpenMultiBoxing (with the version) instead (if you want RR you need both binaries, the RR is just a small wrapper enabling RR in the main exe).

Run either and enjoy!

(Please report any problem!)

WOB / OMB 4.2 Screenshot (with RR)

Window Layout wizard:

WOB Window Layout

Optional/toggle-able overlay information indicating which window has focus:

WOB Window Layout

Intro video (best viewed as recorded, at least 1440p)