WoW Open Box (Open Source World of Warcraft Multiboxing)


Open Source World of Warcraft rules compliant multiboxing.

Wow Open Box online HELP

Basic information

Window Layout

  1. Use the “Window Layout” UI to setup your Windows automatically. And you can tweak the intelligent auto layouts by:
    • Dragging any window to reposition it
    • Resize it by dragging the orange bottom right corner
    • Toggle “Stay on top” by clicking on the text
    • Use the snap to grid feature to constraint the position
    • Use the arrow keys for precise movement by 1 pixel
  2. and/or tweak it using: Manual Setup (from main window):

    1. Manually select the Size you want your next window to be(*)

    2. Manually select the position you want it to be at(*)

    3. Decide if that window should stay on top of others. you can use a hotkey (default Ctrl-Shit-T) to toggle that setting on the fly.(*)

  3. Use the Bnet launcher to start your wow windows so you don’t need to type your password, WOB/OMB will make them borderless automatically for you, but check in game resolution options to avoid pixelization (100% Render Scale, Correct window size).

  4. Wob since version 4.1 will automatically capture and place the windows in their respective position for you (you can turn that option off in the Option menu). Otherwise, press the “Capture” button or use its hotkey (default Ctrl-Shift-C). If you want to manage other games than World of Warcraft, see the ‘Other Games’ section below

  5. Press a hotkey to change which window gets the keyboard input: default key are Ctrl-F1 for Wow 1, Ctrl-F2 for Wow 2, etc.. or rotate between windows with hotkeys to focus the next window (defaults to Ctrl-Shift-N) and previous window (defaults to Ctrl-Shift-P). Hotkeys are changeable in settings.

  6. Press a hotkey to bring window N to the main (1) window: default Ctrl-Shift-F2 will swap 1 and 2, Ctrl-Shift-F3 for swapping 1 and 3, etc… changeable in settings. Or rotate the swap between all windows by repeatedly pressing Ctrl-OEM3 (OEM3 is the ~ key on us keyboards) for forward swap or Ctrl-Shift-OEM3 for backward swap.

  7. You can toggle the overlay on/off at any time using the default hotkey Ctrl-Shift-O or the checkbox on the main window.

  8. If you used the optional Round Robin enabler feature, by starting the OpenMultiBoxing_RR exe instead of the base one, you will see the Round Robin section in the UI and can use Ctrl-Shift-R as the default hotkey to toggle it on/off. Enter which keys should trigger round robin in the entry box (default keys 1 through = and SPACE and . (dot) and F10 are round robin keys, see the FAQ entry for complete list of special key names). You can use the FocusMain hotkey (Ctrl-Shift-W) to always get focus back to the physical main window location (even if it’s, say, Wow3 in it). You can use that before using movement keys to ensure you drive from main window even if you didn’t complete a full RR rotation back to first window.

*: You can change all settings at any time and they will be saved, per window index when you click “Update” or “Save and Apply” in the Window Layout GUI.

Your settings are saved in wowopenboxSettings.tcl in same folder as WowOpenBox and can be edited pressing the “Edit Settings” button.

Make sure to also explore the File, Option etc menus (menu bar is at the top of the window) and read mouse over tooltips present in most UI elements of WOB/OMB.

WOB / OMB 4.2 Screenshot (with RR)

Mouse control

You can change the focus following mouse and auto raise/set foreground and the delay

Note that to change the delay you need to hit the Return key

There is a “Track Mouse” (and stop tracking) button (and hotkey, default Ctrl-Shift-M) to track coordinates to help doing pixel perfect placement of your windows

You can toggle the focus follow mouse behavior using a hotkey (default Ctrl-Shift-F)

Other Games

Use the Game menu to select your Game and/or check the Capture using foreground window:

Game Menu screenshot

Read the help text mouse over tooltip:

Capture foreground screenshot

You must click your game window and use the capture hotkey (Ctrl-Shift-C by default, changeable in settings) to use that mode; after which your game name should be recorded in the Game menu and you can stick to normal Auto Capture (Options Menu).

Need more help? Report a problem? Suggest a new feature?

Make sure you are running the latest release

In rare case if things seems wrong, you can try to either restart WOB/OMB, it will resume where you left off so no need to touch your game windows when or if you do. Or you can use the Reset-All hotkey (default binding is Ctrl-Shift-Alt-R) which should put all windows in their home position. But if this persists please file a bug and explain in details how to reproduce the problem with minimal steps:

Check if your issue or suggestion has already been report and if not make a new detailed one

Check the FAQ

Reach out on Discord